We are changing the password from 123 to cahdroid.com. If you try 123 and an error message appears, then use cahdroid.com
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How to Download Files on CahDroid.COM

How to Download Files on CahDroid.COM


This page will show you how to download files on cahdroid.com. Please follow the guide carefully.

1. First, you have to click on the Download button above.

Click download button

2. Then, select the software version you want to download. Select the file storage host according to what you want.

Select version

3. Wait 5 seconds and click the Human Verification button.

Click Human Verification Button

4. Scroll and click the Double Click To Generate Link button. Before that, you need to wait for 15 seconds.

Double click to generate link button

5. Wait 5 seconds and click Go To Link.

Go to link button

6. Scroll down and wait 10 seconds.

Please wait

7. Click the Get Link button to continue.

Click get link

8. Enter password 123 or cahdroid.com.

Enter password

9. Click to download it. If there are several files, please select one.

Click for download


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August 2, 2023 3:54 AM