Complete Guide to OBB Files and Installation Process on Android Phones


Android devices have changed the way we live today. It all started to enter and has become an inseparable part of it. To make the most of it, we need to know the specific Android installs and their uses. In this content, we will discuss some third party applications and OBB files . Surely you are thinking what an OBB file is. So here’s what you need to know about OBB files.

Many of us may know this name for the first time in an Android context. If you think about it, it’s time to find out what an OBB file actually is and how it can be installed on an Android device. We are here only focused on giving you a better Android experience, by creating the best content related to the Android OS.

What is an OBB file?

If you got here looking for how to install OBB files, it’s a good idea to first find out what an OBB file is. Android application developers store their application information, images and graphics in Apk files, but sometimes that is not enough for large applications. so, this OBB file then allows you to save other application data.

When looking into the OBB file, the data is stored there in an encrypted form which mainly consists of graphics and media files. OBB files are basically extensions of files like Apk, RAR, EXE, etc. Now to clarify the OBB file concept more, let’s understand how it can be installed on an Android device.

What do you need to have to install an OBB file?

Previously, it’s a good idea to prepare some of the requirements needed to install the OBB file on an Android device. All you have to do is download the separate Apk file and OBB file by searching for them on google, but if you’ve arrived at this tutorial then I’ll assume you have what you need.

Once you have the APK and OBB files you can proceed to install the OBB files on the Android device provided.

How to Install OBB Files?

You have to start by installing the Apk file. So, follow the steps below to install the Apk file on an Android device properly:

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources“. To do so, follow these steps. → Settings> Security settings> Unknown sources.
  2. Open the folder where you saved the downloaded Apk file earlier.
  3. Install Apk File as usual.
  4. After the installation process is complete, don’t open it immediately, close it until the OBB file installation is successful.

Before you can install the OBB file, it’s a good idea to download Rar For Android first, because most OBB files that are downloaded from sources other than the play store are compressed with WinRAR. But if the file you download is not compressed with WinRAR you can skip the following tutorial. For those of you whose OBB file is compressed with WinRAR, follow the steps taken.

  1. Open the downloaded OBB file in the folder you saved it.
  2. Next, put a tick on the folder as shown in the picture numbered 1 (one) and then press number 2 (two).how to install obb file 1
  3. Find a place where you will save the extracted OBB file, then click OK to start the extract to install obb file
  4. Look at the place where you saved the extract, there will be a folder that contains the OBB filehow to install obb file
  5. Move the folder to Phone Storage (Internal Memory) -> Android -> obb place it there. If you can’t find the obb folder  you can create it manuallyhow to install obb file
  6. Run the application that you installed earlier and congratulations on the completion of the OBB file installation process on Androidhow to install obb file

That is how to install OBB file on Android device. You can now enjoy more of APK files and OBB files on your Android smartphone


We are regular Android users but very few of us might know about the technical aspects of our devices, knowing which ones, we can better utilize them for various purposes. Just installing a free app from the Google Play Store is sufficient and therefore to awaken our readers with the OBB file installation process, we wrote this informative section.

Since the steps above are interrelated, it is very important to follow each step carefully, without missing a beat. we look forward to helping you. For more information, write in the comments column below.

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