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Download KMSAuto Activator for Windows 10 This application was developed by Ratiborus, Ratiborus made two almost the same applications, namely KMSAuto Net and KMSAuto Lite. KMSAuto Net is used to activate Windows, starting from Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. In addition to activating windows, the KMSAuto application can also be used for Microsoft Office activation, starting from Microsoft Office 2016 to the most recent Microsoft Office 2019. With the development of previous versions namely KMSAuto Net 2016, there is perfection in KMSAuto Net 2019 with more complete tools.

With the update that this application brings, this software can be used to auto disable the default defender of windows. This application also has a portable nature that can be used without having to install it first. So just click once and Windows or Microsoft Office will be activated permanently. If you are interested in the latest KMSAuto Activator 2019 application, download it at the link I have provided below.

Features of KMSAuto 1.5.6

  • KMSAuto Net provide good user experience and it is easy to use
  • Works for all version of Windows above than 7, and MS office above than 2010
  • Secure and reliable tool for the activation of the window
  • Permanently activates your window and office
  • It can’t be installed when you are connected to the internet and your firewall is active
  • Disconnect your internet connection and switch off your firewall for its installation
  • After installation, it is compatible with the window defender and firewall
  • The latest version also supports the activation of Window 10 and office 2016
  • Open source and is available for all users
  • Provides the easy and quick activation of the window in a fraction of seconds
  • It does not contain any virus and malware
  • Enhances the frequency and overall performance of your system
  • Includes the TAP drivers for Window 10
  • Latest product key version is v1.70
  • It includes KMS services that prevent the antivirus from detecting it
  • KMSAuto provides the MSActBackUp service

System Requirements

  • Net Framework 4 package must be installed in PC.
  • You must own administrator privileges.
  • Hard disk space must have 5 MB space.
  • Windows 7,Windows 8(.1),Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise,Windows Vista
  • Office 10/project/ visio

How to Install KMSAuto Activator

  1. Download KMSAuto Activator at the link below
  2. Turn off antivirus and windows defender
  3. Use the latest Winrar to extract files
  4. Run the .exe file by right-clicking Run as Administrator
  5. Choose KMSAuto ++
  6. First activate Disable Defender mode
  7. Click Activate Windows or Activate Office
  8. Enjoy

Download KMSAuto 1.5.6 Latest Activator


Link Download (10M) | Mediafire | Solidfiles

Password : 123

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