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CyberLink Ultra HD Blu-ray & 3D Advisor

CyberLink Ultra HD Blu-ray & 3D Advisor

Free Download CyberLink Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor for Windows PC to test that your PC is ready to play Blu-ray Disc and 3D content. You’ll receive suggestions as to how to upgrade your system if needed.

Ultra HD Blu-ray is the latest iteration of Blu-ray disc technology and is rapidly being adopted by film makers and multimedia content creators. The format delivers unmatched 4K content, offering not only a significantly larger 3840×2160 resolution, but also a greatly expanded color range, provision of both high dynamic range (HDR) and high-frame rate (up to 60fps) content, and support for the latest object-based immersive sound formats.

PowerDVD offers a seemless experience for accessing BonusView features on your PC. What’s more, certification for support of BD-Live content ensures that you can handle Internet-connected Blu-ray Disc activities, such as multiplayer gaming, e-commerce, the downloading of movie trailers and subtitles, as well as social networking.

Advanced Blu-ray Disc features, such as Picture-in-Picture content, place a heavy demand on your PC resources. CyberLink Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor tests that your system hardware and software are able to deliver the kind of experience you expect to get. After anaylzing your system, Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor provides helpful upgrade suggestions as needed, to ensure that you get the most from your Blu-ray Discs.

Basic features include your high-definition movie and navigation controls. They are defined by the BD specifications Profile 1.0. Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor tests that your system is able to support these features and provides recommendations for upgrading your PC to make sure that you do.

Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor analyzes your:

  • Processor
  • Operating System
  • Drives
  • Driver software
  • Memory
  • Video connection
  • Video player software

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10/11Processor: Pentium IV or aboveMemory: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)Storage: 50 MBVersion: 2.0.3201.0

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Download Link

CyberLink Ultra HD Blu-ray & 3D Advisor

PASSWORD : 123 OR cahdroid.com


Last update : September 5, 2022


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